What I’m doing to be more eco-friendly

What I’m doing to be more eco-friendly

With every parcel I send out and every product I sell, I try and use as many eco-friendly and/or sustainable materials as I can. Below is a list of ways I try to minimize my impact on the environment:


  • I try to ensure all my backing cards and business cards are printed on recycled paper. Please try to recycle these if you don't plan to keep them!

  • all pins are packaged in 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable glassine bags made using PEFC certified pure pine wood cellulose sourced from a UK supplier which offer protection for your pins during transit while avoiding harmful and non-recyclable polythene plastic bags.


  • instead of having pins sent to me by the factory in the standard small plastic bags which are often not recyclable, I ask that my manufacturers send all pins in acid-free tissue paper when packing shipments in order to reduce plastic waste while ensuring our pins and other products arrive safely!

  • all of my vinyl stickers are manufactured with a a PVC-free film which is environmentally friendly and I try to use printers that sustainably source their materials.

  • my washi tape manufacturer sources biodegradable Japanese paper from reputable importers and inks from reputable Japanese companies.


  • small orders (1-3 pins) are either sent in fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable and compostable corrugated padded envelopes made from recycled paper or 100% recyclable postal boxes depending on which I have more of!

  • large orders (3+ pins and/or orders containing washi tape) are sent in 100% recyclable postal boxes which are also made of recycled materials.

  • rather than using Styrofoam polystyrene (which can be extremely harmful to the environment) and/or excessive bubble wrap (which can be recycled only in some regions), I use acid-free tissue paper to protect orders in transit when sent in cardboard boxes. Orders sent in padded mailers are protected by the corrugated cardboard.

If you’ve got any suggestions or recommendations for even more eco-friendly solutions, let me know!

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi
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