Some of my favourite pins from other creators

Some of my favourite pins from other creators

Hi everyone! A new day, a new blog post - this time I wanted to showcase some of my favourite pins in my collection from other pinmakers! I’m hoping to post a few of these to spread the word about these amazing pins and their creators. If you have any recommendations, feel free to pop them in the comments!


I now have four of these - Anastasia, Anna, Mulan, and Rapunzel - and they are absolutely gorgeous. They often sell out once in hand but the presales tend to sell out after about an hour which should give you time to snag one. The beauty and design of these cannot be understated, and I’m delighted that Miss Cricket continues to price these extremely reasonably (generally between 15-20 Euro a pin , which is around £13 or $18). Highly recommend following their Instagram where info on shop drop and presales is posted on the main feed and in their stories!


One of my go-to pin creators for all things Dragon Age, I first found HauntYourHouse when I got into the games and bought their DA2 companions pin, Maker’s Breath helmet pin, and a Cullen profile pin (which are all sadly sold out at the time of writing this). They now offer a DAO companion pin (which I obviously bought in the presale!) and have tons of other awesome DA and bookish merch. Very reasonably priced, covering a wide range of fandoms, and it’s great to support another UK seller! Definitely recommend HauntYourHouse for any Dragon Age fans reading this.


I saw these stamp pins on Kickstarter and thankfully Yasmin made it possible for UK backers to pledge using Etsy (THANK YOU!) so I grabbed three, though it was extremely hard not to grab more because they’re so cute! They have arrived and are really pretty and well made. The rose gold is gorgeous and I particularly like the drama queen and ramen designs. They’re good quality and I love anything Sailor Moon so I highly recommend these. I’d love some other scouts in a similar design!


I stumbled upon Gingerbouf’s shop when I was desperately searching for Final Fantasy XIV pins which didn’t cost a billion dollars in shipping and I found this awesome pinmaker right here in England! I immediately bought their Warrior of Light pin and a Labyrinth pin (which is sadly out of stock at the time of this post) and the quality of these is so good. They’re beautifully designed and are the perfect homage to one of my favourite games and one of my favourite films. If you’re into nerd culture and/or kawaii character art, definitely check out Gingerbouf!


I finally managed to snag a Wanda pin from this amazing creator and the quality for a B grade is outstanding - I still can’t find the flaw(s) on mine! Her pins sell out super fast because of her reputation as a quality pin maker. She also ran a floral pin Kickstarter recently (which I backed) so if you need some flower-inspired pins, head straight to her store!

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